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Side effects

Apart from the desired effect of producing a powerful erection, the vast majority of uses do not experience any side effects at all.

In general terms, the possibilities of side effects are extremely low, and for most, non-existant. However, 1% to 10% of users may experience the most common: headaches, flushing.

Less likely to arise: dyspeptic symptoms (wind, nausea, and heartburn), stuffy nose, blurred vision, temporary change in colour perception, reduced visual acuity (sharpness).

Highly unlikely side effects: 00.1% to 1% chest pain, rash, dry mouth, muscle pain, palpitations, abnormal heart beats, decrease of hearing, sleepiness, vomiting and increased heart rate.

In truth, it very much depends on an individuals response to any drug. If a person is medically pre-disposed to a condition, then it may increase the focus of that condition.

For example : Headaches. If there is a history of headaches, it would be reasonable to expect some mild reaction in this way. As the drug opens up arteries in the brain's lining which can cause pressure.

Flushing : (Erythema Pudoris) Red face and other parts of the body. Common names are blushing or sex flush.
It's not an uncommon bodily behaviour, at times of orgasm for example, sexual arousal, sexual activity, physical exertion, a mind blowing hot curry, all caused from increased blood flow.

Mild and transient, visual disorders, peripheral vision, perceived colour changes - trouble telling blue from green. Some users report a bluish tinge.
Perhaps it is no surprise, since the drug inhibits PDE5 it may, in some users, affect the neighbouring PDE6 which is used in the cone cells of the retina.

Most important :~
Needless to say, any user experiencing extreme side effects, must consider the drug unsuitable for their use, and take advise from their GP.

Anyone who has a serious heart condition should not be taking this drug.

It is not advisable to mix this drug with other drugs such as Ecstasy, Opiates, illicit drugs, other stimulants, or alcohol abuse, in an attempt to compensate the downside effect of those drugs, commonly known as 'limp dick', 'brewers droop'.

Mixing with Amyl Nitrite is particularly dangerous and potentially fatal.
There can be no comfort, after the event and your untimely demises from this mortal coil, sat on your ethereal cloud, hearing your friends say, wow, what a way to go!

The chemical ingredient Sildenafil has an extremely high safety record and is very well tolerated in the body.

Incidentally, it does not affect fertility, hormones or sperm activity.

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