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About us

We are a small family run business based in North East UK. Mail Order suppliers in quality Little Blue Pills (LBP).

The historic rise (excuse the pun) of Viagra® and generic Viagra, is very well known. Virtually everyone on the planet knows precisely what this Little Blue Pill can do for a mans libido. Thus, restoring confidence and sexual health, it's value cannot be underestimated.

Many ED sufferers already know what they need, and don't always want consultation with a medical practitioner.
Most individuals and couples are fully researched and understand exactly what they need to help improve their situation.

We recognise, not everyone wishes to visit their GP. Most would rather save embarrassment, avoid the waiting rooms and appointments. Preferring to go directly to the very product, which will bring the zing back to the bedroom, or any other room for that matter.

Waiting at the pharmacy whilst the order is being processed can also be embarrassing. It's unnecessary, as the pills can be safely obtained legally, without the need for a prescription.

We offer a speedy discrete solution, dispatching orders in plain packaging the next working day, following cleared confirmed payment.

Safety is as important to us, as it is to you. So we can be confident in assuring quality, at every level of manufacture. Strictly complying with industry standards and regulations.
FDA approval in 1998 and registered with the National Library of Medicine no.139755-83-2. Related no.171599-83-0.

Our LBP is the finest available. Absolutely the highest quality. Meticulously manufactured to exacting standards, means our product produces outstanding results - every time.

The Little Blue Pill is produced and packaged under many names. Some branded and several generic. Pretty much all of them work in the same way, and all achieve 'similar' results.

After a careful selection process, impressive clinical trial results, with an impeccable safety record, we offer only one brand of the now famous Little Blue Pill.
Our LBP is an improved form of release, giving consistent user satisfaction. It has several advantages over many other brands, including Viagra®, because ours can be taken with food, acts considerably quicker than it's counterparts, and lasts longer.

Our LBP has proved to be a very successful drug, both in solution to ED and when taken recreationally.

Many of our customers report results better than branded and other generic equivalents.

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